Brown Traffic and Eagle Traffic Control Systems Are Now MoboTrex

Brown Traffic, a leading manufacturer of signalized intersection systems and distributor of traffic control products and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) solutions, today announced its new name—and mobility and traffic experts brand.

“We will continue to offer the expertise that results in the best mobility and traffic solution for every customer, every day.”

Brown Traffic Products and Eagle Traffic Control Systems are now MoboTrexTM. The name change and branding update is behind an effort to better position MoboTrex to stand out in the field of traffic control product manufacturing and distribution, and accentuate the company’s extensive experience and expertise. The rebranding also helps align its recently acquired Eagle manufacturing division, and Brown distribution division, under one unified name and position itself as the traffic and mobility leader well into the future.

“Our name has changed, but our goal remains the same,” said Joel Wright, president and CEO of MoboTrex. “Keeping people safe and traffic moving smoothly is our business. We will continue to offer the expertise that results in the best mobility and traffic solution for every customer, every day.”

Founded in 1969 by Roger L. Brown, Brown Traffic started as distributor of traffic products in Iowa and Minnesota. That territory was later expanded to include Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois and Texas. Brown Traffic’s distributorship now falls under MoboTrex Distribution.

“MoboTrex Distribution’s line card, expert ITS solutions and exceptional customer service has fostered our growth and distributor footprint expansion,” said Wright. “As we review the state of the traffic distribution industry, we believe there may be opportunities for additional consolidation and acquisition. MoboTrex is well-positioned to add new territories to its distribution side of the business.”

In November of 2013, Brown Traffic acquired a division of Siemens and rebranded the Eagle Traffic Control Systems products Siemens made at the Austin, Texas, operation.

“The Eagle brand is a strong brand in our industry and that brand name will still be found on our products—these products will now be manufactured under MoboTrex Manufacturing,” said Wright. “With our recent move into a new manufacturing facility in Austin, we have the space and operational capacity, as well as an innovative team of experts in place to research, engineer and manufacture ITS solutions. New products may be manufactured for the Eagle brand, a new MoboTrex brand, or a partner’s or acquired company’s brand.”

The new brand was developed by Amperage Marketing. The new name is a derivative of the new branding tagline: Mobility & Traffic Experts.

“The logo projects a consistent, strong image to the viewer,” said Mark Mathis, Amperage partner. “The logo’s modern design features a custom typeface that combines sharp edges with smooth curves, much like a roadway.”

The “X” in the MoboTrex logo has been modified to form a green arrow that represents mobility, progress and forward-thinking.

About MoboTrex
MoboTrex, formerly Brown Traffic, is a leading manufacturer of traffic control systems, including the Eagle flagship brand, and a distributor of the Intelligent Transportation Systems industry’s best products and solutions. Headquartered in Davenport, Iowa, with a manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas, MoboTrex supplies innovative products and expert solutions to the Intelligent Transportation Systems market in the United States and Canada.