We’re Taking Control of the Future with Siemens Mobility

Siemens Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) keep you safe. In an increasingly complex world where transportation infrastructure is ever evolving, it’s critical to know who you can trust for accurate and timely information. We bring you Siemens Mobility solutions for the latest in intelligent transportation systems.

Siemens controllers are constantly being enhanced with innovative new functions and time-saving features. The world’s leading adaptive traffic control system, Siemens SCOOT (split cycle offset optimization technique) continuously measures traffic demands to optimize signal timings at intersections, so there are fewer delays and stops. Siemens SCOOT is suitable for all types of urban roads, grids, corridors and arteries.

Tackle Urbanization Demands with Siemens

Municipalities facing greater traffic challenges need Siemens ITS for improved mobility on roads, plus added safety and environmental protection. Together, MoboTrex, Siemens and all our industry partners connect you with smart traffic products for today and tomorrow.