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UPStealth® NEMA Battery Panel

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We now live in an Always-On ITS world and Departments of Transportation throughout U.S. and Canada have made a commitment to increasing safety with the UPStealth® Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). UPStealth® is an intelligent UPS designed by transportation experts for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) requirements and utilizes transformational Nickel-Zinc battery chemistry to energize intersections and IT equipment when utility power is lost.

As the fastest growing UPS for ITS, UPStealth® offers transportation departments the opportunity to upgrade to an easy-to-install, self-maintained solution with superior performance, environmental and safety advantages over traditional battery backup solutions.

UPStealth® Benefits

Nickel-Zinc Battery Chemistry

  • Superior electrical performance compared to lead-acid batteries
  • Half the size and weight of lead-acid batteries
  • Self-maintaining; No periodic maintenance
  • Faster recharge time than lead-acid batteries
  • Longer storage and operational life than lead-acid batteries
  • No hazardous materials; No sulfation
  • Extreme operating temperature range
  • No trickle charging required
  • Physically safe operation
  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly


Compact Form Factors

  • Ingenious flexible battery design inserts in dead space between rack and cabinet wall
  • Shelf mount, hanging and stand mount
  • Single quick connect/disconnect battery string cables


Innovative Electronics Design

  • Built-in chargers and controllers
  • Integrated temperature compensated charging
  • Digital battery bus
  • Parallel battery strings; Redundant performance