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UPStealth® 2 Battery Panel 500W

UPStealth® 2 Battery Module 500W



Uninterruptible power supplies for intelligent transportation systems.

The ZincFive nickel-zinc UPStealth® series is thoughtfully designed by transportation experts to support smarter, safer, greener intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Hundreds of Departments of Transportation rely on our patented nickel-zinc technology, which offers superior power performance, in addition to safety and environmental advantages.


ZincFive’s field-proven nickel-zinc battery technology offers immediate power, in a small footprint.

Cabinet Optimization

At half the size and weight of traditional lead-acid batteries, UPStealth® optimizes space and thermal management to fit into existing cabinet space – shelf or rack mounted.


UPStealth® is the safest backup power for intelligent transportation systems with environmental advantages over lead-acid – non-flammable materials, no thermal runaway, and no sulfation.

Self Maintaining

UPStealth® requires no routine maintenance, guaranteeing a lower total cost of ownership.


Intelligent two-stage operation and modern power analysis empower intelligent transportation systems with active power supervision.


UPStealth® offers a longer storage and operational life and wide operating temperature range in both hot and cold weather.