RU2 Fast-250 Pole Mount Display

RU2 Systems has your pole mount traffic calming needs covered with our unique pole mount radar speed display signs. Mounted permanently or semi- permanently, these high intensity LED displays get the attention of oncoming drivers. The signs can be directly connected to your AC Utility Power or an optional Solar Power package.

Each of these designs feature a full matrix high intensity LED display with 12″ characters. The 12″ character is appropriate for slower speeds (35 MPH posted and lower) and is legible to 750 feet. A 12” display like this is most appropriate for residential and school zone applications (see photo reverse side).

In addition, Data Collection and several Violator Alerts are available including an embedded “SLOW” message and our flashing Red/Blue bars, particularly effective at night.


Download Datasheet for RU2 Fast-250 Pole Mount Display