LED Intersection Display Panel

Features :

  • Convenient and effective tool for cabinet testing and troubleshooting
  • Three-color LEDs arranged per a standard 4-way intersection
  • Test up to
  • Eight (8) Vehicle Phases
  • Four (4) Pedestrian Phases
  • (12) Additional Channels -Overlaps, FYA, Advanced Warning Signals
  • Suitable for use with NEMA, Caltrans, ATC, and ITS style cabinets
  • Works for both 120VAC and 48VDC applications



  • Standard kit comes with 12-channel cable
  • Available with cables for (6) or (12) additional output channels


15.5″ H x 14″ Wx 3″ D

Ordering Information

  • MBV18114-001-Display Panel with standard 12-channel cable
  • MBV18114-002-Display Panel kit with 12-channel cable and additional 6-channel cable
  • MBV18114-003 – Display Panel kit with 12-channel cable and (2) 6-channel cables