Garrettcom ES42 Edge Switch

Magnum™ ES42 Edge Switches go out where the action is. In heavy-duty  industrial applications, Ethernet LANs increasingly are used where small groups of  nodes at the edge need to be connected into larger LAN structures. The Magnum  ES42 , a versatile family of small Edge Switches, uses the latest networking  technology and innovative product packaging features to serve  edge-of-the-network applications. The compact  ES42  Edge  Switch design delivers  6 Ethernet ports. The base models have either two 100 Mb fiber and 4 10/100  copper ports, or one fiber and five copper ports, or 6 copper ports. Fiber port  choices cover all multi-mode and single-mode fiber connector types. Power input  selections include AC or DC (or both) with 12V, 24V and 48V DC terminal block  models for all industrial application environments.

Extending the range of the  popular Magnum CS14 Converter Switches,  the Magnum ES42 Edge Switches are similarly available in regular (office), Hardened (factory floor), and Premium-rated (outdoor) versions. This selection of models and fiber port types offers the best price-to-value ratio for each installation.

The Magnum Edge Switches include Link-Loss-Learn (LLL), enabling them to be used in self-healing and redundant LAN structures. The LLL feature causes ES42 Switches to sense Link Loss or standard STP / RSTP reconfiguration signals on designated ports, flush internal address buffers to permit a change in LAN packets flow, and pass the reconfiguration signal down the line to other products in the redundant network structure. Magnum Edge Switches, combined with managed switches running STP or RSTP or S-Ring, can often provide high availability redundant LANs at lower total cost than was previously possible.

The Magnum ES42H Hardened units are for factory floor applications. The ES42H models are built with high-grade components and are constructed using special thermal techniques (patent pending) and a metal case for heavy-duty indus- trial jobs. In addition to a Hardened AC power option and jack, terminals for  internal DC power choices at 8 to 15V, 24V or -48V DC are included. Two terminals provide connections to monitor an internal power-sense relay. The ambient temperature rating is for industrial use. No internal air flow is required for cooling, so      it resists dust, dirt, moisture, smoke and insects. Mounting choices include stand-  alone  panel-mounting,  DIN-Rail,  or  rack-mount tray.

The Magnum ES42P Premium-rated units are for temperature uncontrolled sheltered applications, typically located outdoors.  The ES42P  models  are built  with premium-grade extended temperature components, and use similar thermal techniques (patent pending) as the ES42H Hardened units. In addition to a Premium-rated AC power option and jack, terminals the power-sense relay and for  internal DC power choices at 8 to 15V, 24V or -48V DC are included. When used outdoors, the ES42P should be sheltered from the elements. Mounting choices include stand-alone panel-mounting, DIN-rail, or rack-mount tray.

All ES42 Edge Switch models come with two (2) sets of LED indicators.     One set is on the front for viewing convenience when the unit is DIN-Rail or wall- mounted, and one LED set is mounted in the end adjacent to the ports for easy viewing when units are in a rack-mount tray.  The Magnum ES42 Edge Switches and other Magnum products are designed  and  manufactured in the USA  and backed by a three-year warranty.

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