Garrettcom 6K32TRC 32-Port Switch

The Magnum™ 6K32TRC Switch provides rack-mount space efficiency in a free-convection-cooled unit (no fans) for heavy duty industrial applications where the presence of dust and dirt may inhibit normal cooling. New static thermal design techniques (patent pending) enable the 6K32TRC to deliver high reliability even at extended operating temperatures. Special rack-mount cooling techniques include

  • internal heat barriers contain heat to areas where it is least detrimental
  • large power supply heat sinks to dissipate the power heat loss
  • aluminum case material used for efficient heat conduction & distribution
  • perforated case areas enable some vertical air flow via convection
  • cooling space above and below the unit in the rack, 1/2U top and bottom
  • multiple heat  sinks  distribute  heat  from  internal  electronic components
  • premium high-efficiency  components  used  to  minimize  heat generation

The highest energy efficiency of any rack-mount industrial switch not only enables high reliability, but also makes the 6K32TRC a “green” environmentally friendly product.

There are16 fixed 10/100 Mb copper ports plus two configuration slots in the Magnum 6K32TRC. The modular slots provide the flexibility to configure up to sixteen 100 Mb fiber ports, and/or some 10 Mb fiber ports, and/or one to four Gigabit ports, or some more copper ports. Fixed gigabit and standard GBIC ports can be configured for a variety of Giga- bit fiber and copper cabling types and distances.

Magnum 6K32TRC Managed Switches come with LAN software support including SNMP management, Secure Web Management, IGMP, graphical user interface (GUI), redundant LANs support, and many net- work management security and ease-of-use features. See the Managed Networks Software (MNS-6K) datasheet for additional details on the Mag- num 6K family of switches software.

Magnum 6K32TRCs are ideal for building a switched industrial network in applications connected to communications computers, rout- ers, hubs, or other switches. Designed for use in heavy-duty Ethernet and Industrial networks with segments requiring multiple Gigabit backbone interconnections among network centers, the Magnum 6K32TRC is easy to install and operate.

Magnum 6K32TRC Managed Switches have rugged metal cases and auto-ranging power supplies for operation with standard AC power worldwide. Internal DC power supplies are optional. The 6K32TRCs and all other Magnum products are designed and manufactured in the USA and backed by a three year warranty.


Download Datasheet for Garrettcom 6K32TRC 32-Port Switch