Patented Optics

Precision optics and unique mechanical design delivers precise light placement and uniform illumination while minimizing light trespass

  • Uniform light distribution delivering sharp cut-off
  • Precision, injection molded and coated highly specular vacuum-metalized reflectors
  • Dedicated IP 66 sealed optical cavities feature optically optimized glass lenses maximizing efficacy and control of distribution from each light engine module
  • Optical light engines are optimally aimed to maximize light collection and directional distribution onto the application area
  • High brightness LEDs deliver exceptional fixture efficacy (up to 84 lm/W) in a choice of three superior quality color temperatures; Cool (5000K ± 300), Neutral (4300K ± 300), Warm (3300K ± 300) with a typical CRI of 70
  • Scotopic to photopic (S/P ratio) of LED is 1:1.6 for  4000K
  • No UV or IR emissions
  • Optional black anodized house-side shield is available to further reduce back-side light trespass in residential areas
  • In additional to glass, UV and abrasion resistant polycarbonate lenses are also available

Innovative Design

Designed for new construction and easy retrofit of existing HID cobra heads.

  • High grade aluminum alloy A360 construction for superior strength and durability
  • Wide, angled troughs are self-cleaning to prevent debris build-up between heat sink fins
  • Vent openings in light engine casting paired with fins increased air flow velocity providing exceptional passive thermal management
  • Metal clad LED PCBs are secured directly to the cast aluminum housing for superior thermal transfer
  • Thermal protection circuitry prevents internal temperatures from reaching high levels, increasing long term reliability and allowing operation up to 74°C
  • Rugged cast aluminum housing is subjected to a multistage (cleaning and sealing) per process AAMA 2604 and top coated with a super durable, polyester powder coated finish, available in 5 colors
  • Finish is resistant to blistering, excessive fading or corrosion during warranty period
  • Rugged heavy gauge, 4 bolt, aluminum clamp with stainless steel hardware secures fixture to pole arm
  • Adjustable pole mount clamp can accommodate up to 2” IP (2.375” OD) pipe with provision for adjustment of ± 5° at 5° increments
  • Unique hinged polycarbonate bottom cover provides tool-less access to terminal blocks and pole arm via a single trigger-latch
  • Terminal block sized to allow for wire gauges from #14 AWG to #6 AWG and is accessible from under side of fixtur
  • Salt spray tested for corrosion – 3,000 hours per ASTM B117-97
  • Withstands shock & vibration to Caltrans 611 levels – 3.0G peak-to-peak, 2 million cycles
  • Stainless steel, SAE, captive hardware
  • Large, easy to read two axis bubble level for quick and efficient fixture leveling during installation


Ruggedized driver design and thermal management system ensure maximum energy efficiency and reliability

  • Dialight’s custom IP 65 rated LED drivers are constant current sources well suited for the load and the particular lighting application
  • Field replaceable, primary fused, output isolated drivers are fully potted and encased in an aluminum extrusion for EMI noise immunity and thermal protection
  • High efficiency, high power factor, ultra low THD, LED drivers incorporate overload and no load protection circuitry
  • Universal inputs 100-277V AC, 50/60Hz and 347-480V AC, 50/60Hz
  • LED Driver MTBF per Telcordia SR-332 – 5,102,040 hrs at 8C (average yearly temperature of five major cities)
  • Safety grommets in casting through-holes prevent abrasions to electrical wire insulation
  • Robust, integrated 6kV/6kVA standard or optional 10kV/10kVA surge protection circuitry incorporate MOVs designed to clamp line voltages to safe levels per ANSI/IEEE C62.41.2-2002 Cat C
  • 7 year full performance warranty
  • Factory burn-in (24 hr to avoid infant fatality)

Dialight Street Light Control System

Dialight-Airinet’s revolutionary Street Light Control System instantly upgrades an ordinary street light to a “smart”, energy conscious street light without any modification to existing equipment.  The plug, twist and play Nodes provide real-time monitoring and control of street lights in lighting networks both large and small.  A full suite of control features include remote on/off, dimming, flexible scheduling, daylight  harvesting, emergency management and smart grid demand/response energy management.  Enhanced fault monitoring and management are standard features allowing operators to retrieve real-time power consumption data, temperature readings, and ambient light lamp light levels from a central server accessible via a secure web connection.

  • Compatibility with most existing street lights means quick access to the benefits of scheduling, dimming, reporting new and existing instillation
  • Tool-less installation of up to 2,000 nodes per  gateway
  • Mesh Network (2.4GHz, 900MHz IEEE 8021.15.4 Open Protocol)
  • Self registering via gps allows for error free installation
  • An intuitive, secure, web based, customized interface includes details such as location, Volts, Amps, Watts, cumulative Watt hours, power factor, VAR, phase angle, and  cost
  • Full functioning data reports, allow for historical record keeping, future forecasting and  real  time  performance statistics
  • Non-intrusive installation provides full control, including dimming, without the need to install other components inside of the streetlight


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Download Datasheet for Dialight StreetSense LED Street Light