340 ITS Cabinet


The Eagle ITS Cabinet uses advanced technology and modularity to provide state-of-the-art transportation control as well as general-purpose functionality. The ITS goal is component standardization for interchangeability.

Ideal for use with the 2070 ATC Controller and the 2070-1E CPU Card (with built in Ethernet connection). Meets the Joint NEMA / AASHTO / ITE Specifications for ITS Cabinets.

Standard Features

  • Fits on standard NEMA “P” base.
  • Serialized communication allows information flow between input files, output files, PDA, and controller.
  • Four doors (two front, two rear) to allow easy access to the cabinet interior.
  • Two EIA 19” racks to house a variety of equipment including intersection control, fiber optic, battery backup, and more.
  • Input files – can accommodate up to (4) 12-position input files for possible (96) channels of detection, includes 218 SIU socket with each assembly.
  • Output files – 14 pack or 6 pack, in multiple possible combinations up to (28) load switch positions, includes 214 AMU socket and 218 SIU socket with each assembly.
  • Power Distribution Assembly with 212 CMU socket and 2 dual-circuit flasher positions. Pull-out drawers.
  • 24VDC power supply, rack mounted. Service panel with EG and AC- buses.
  • AC service panel assembly with surge suppressor/line filter and incoming power terminal block.
  • AC power and DC power/communication buses.
  • Fluorescent lights, front and back.
  • Police panel with Signal On/Off, Auto/Flash and Auto/Manual switches.

Standard Enclosure Specifications

  • Completely fabricated from 1/8” thick type 5052-H32 vinyl-coated, mill-finished aluminum utilizing continuously welded construction.
  • Door openings double flanged on all sides.
  • Thermoconvection air ventilation systems utilized with provisions for mounting fans for forced-air cooling. Exhaust outlet openings provided under roof.
  • All internal and external hardware utilizes non-corrosive material.
  • Automatic door stop can be latched at 90° and 180° positions.
  • Furnished with internal E.I.A. 19” rack for mounting equipment.

Common Optional Features

  • LED lighting.
  • Lower Input Termination Panel.
  • Lower Output Termination Panel.

Standard Door Specifications

  • Provided with three-point locking mechanism with duplex nylon rollers, top and bottom.
  • ¾” diameter stainless steel inward-turning handles with provisions for padlocking.
  • Main door lock – industrial standard pin tumbler lock with #2 key.
  • Louvered inlet with filter to prevent dirt from entering with air flow.
  • Closed-cell neoprene door seal gasket. Stainless steel leave hinges with .190″ diameter stainless steel hinge pins. Pin ends are welded to the hinge and ground smooth. Hinge pins and bolts are covered by the door edge and not accessible when the door is closed.
  • A fabricated switch compartment is included with a standard police lock and a stainless steel continuous hinge with a 1/8” diameter hinge pin carriage bolted in place. Compartment mounted flush to the side wall.

Ordering Information

  • ELS340 – ITS Cabinet