Garrettcom 6KQ Field Switch

Magnum 6KQ Managed Field Switches provide maximum configurability in their class. The fiber-rich 6KQ can be configured with up to 12 100Mb fiber ports and two Gigabit ports. For 10/100 copper, regular or PoE-equipped 10/100 RJ-45 or 10/100/1000 copper ports may be configured to a maximum of 12 at 10/100 and two Gig ports.

The 6KQE base unit comes with four 10/100 copper ports (which may be either regular or PoE). Up to three 100Mb fiber ports or up to four more 10/100 copper ports, or combinations, may also be configured.

In addition, one or two Gb ports may be configured as 10/100/1000 copper or SFP fiber in any 6KQE base unit.

Managed  Networks Software

Magnum 6KQ series comes with the best-of- breed MNS-6K managed networks software. Software features include:

  • GUI ease of use, Secure Web Management
  • SNMPv2,v3 management
  • 1p QoS Prioritization
  • Tag-based VLANs,
  • IGMP Snooping and IGMP-L2 multicast management
  • Port security

A choice of software redundancy options including RSTP-2004 with industry-leading fault recovery times in rings and meshes, and GarrettCom’s S-Ring product which supports unmanaged switches as part of resilient rings.

MNS-6K-SECURE adds more security features such as SSH, RADIUS and TACACS+ support, SFTP, DHCP Server, Syslog events, and SNTP Server. Over 10 years of field use in industrial networking applications assures maturity and stability. See the MNS-6K and MNS-6K-SECURE datasheets for more information.

Download Datasheet for Garrettcom 6KQ Field Switch