MoboTrex Wellness: The Weight-Loss Challenge

By Joel Wright, President & CEO, MoboTrex A healthy workforce is one of the ingredients for a healthy business. Workplace wellness programs can include a variety of wellness strategies. Here at MoboTrex, we’ve embarked on a good-natured weight-loss challenge for employees who are willing to participate. And while good health can be its own reward, […]

MoboTrex: Sharing Expertise with Future Experts

At MoboTrex, we’re trusted to make sense out of complex situations. Becoming a trusted expert in the mobility and traffic control industry doesn’t happen overnight. It’s no secret that a large portion of expertise comes through experience. We’re looking for interns who are working toward an engineering degree in electrical, mechanical or manufacturing technology – […]

My Inaugural Mobotrex User Group

Having recently joined the MoboTrex Team, I was excited to attend the much anticipated annual Davenport Users’ Group Meeting for MoboTrex Midwest held December 13-14. MoboTrex provides several of these user groups throughout the year to represent each of our key geographical regions, The annual user group is an excellent opportunity for our customers and […]

RGA Name Transitions To MoboTrex Mid-Atlantic

MoboTrex, a leading manufacturer and distributor of traffic control systems in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) industry, acquired RGA, a Mid-Atlantic traffic systems distributor. RGA will now be MoboTrex Mid-Atlantic. After MoboTrex acquired RGA LLC, a mid-Atlantic traffic systems distributor in April 2017, the organization has decided to rename RGA to MoboTrex Mid-Atlantic effective November […]

Physically securing your Agency’s network requires more than just a lock

We live in a connected world. The addition of communication devices to connect our traffic cabinets have opened up a world of possibilities. These devices enable the smart city capabilities of improving travel times, accelerating incident response times, viewing real-time video of an intersection, and many more improvements. While these functions certainly provide many benefits, […]

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