MoboTrex Expert: David Chudnov, Procurement Specialist

David Chudnov is part of an expert, nimble team at MoboTrex. Due to the centralized nature of his procurement responsibilities, David thrives on collaboration and solution innovation. He names the dedication of his fellow MoboTrex employees as his motivation to go above and beyond each day as he improves his expert status for this leading […]

MoboTrex Expert: Ben Ziegler, Manufacturing Engineer

Ben Ziegler takes manufacturing engineering beyond its typical scope –that’s why he’s more than an engineer, he’s an expert. Ben’s cross-functional approach to working with fellow industry leaders, customers, other MoboTrex experts and vendors gives him a broad view of the traffic industry while providing insights into the details of product development and manufacturing, down […]

MoboTrex Expert: Nino Singharaj, IT Systems Administrator

Nino Singharaj prides himself on being an IT expert in an ever-evolving industry. Motivated to constantly improve and adapt to new technologies, he creates unique opportunities that help MoboTrex accomplish technological goals while providing support and administration for our clients. When Nino joined MoboTrex as an IT systems administrator in 2016, he was unaware of […]

MoboTrex Expert: Joel Wright, President & CEO

Joel Wright is more than an expert in the transportation industry. He’s also an expert when it comes to people and problem solving. As the president and CEO of MoboTrex, Joel’s main responsibilities involve attracting and developing great people and clients. He strives to inspire a shared vision that contributes to business growth. But he […]

Mobotrex Expert Bio: Brent Katauskas

When it comes to helping transportation agencies and contractors get more from their infrastructure, Brent Katauskas is always looking for new ways to improve traffic control hardware. This is particularly important as customers implement Intelligent Transportation Systems and gain access to the immense amount of data found in a network. Brent has spent the last […]

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