MoboTrex Gains Insight from Visionary Speaker

If you work at your business long enough, you’ll probably have the good fortune to meet someone who truly reinforces your love for what you do. I met Mark Valenziano in Minneapolis last fall, while attending a conference. He’s a very passionate speaker and he’s very good at it. He’s also blind, having lost his […]

Above and Beyond – Culture at MoboTrex

On June 9, 2018, I was given the honor and privilege of accompanying my dad on the Greater St. Louis Area Honor Flight as his guardian. This is, by far, one event in my lifetime that I will never forget. So humbling and so memorable. Two years ago, I applied for my dad, Retired Command […]

MoboTrex Wellness: The Weight-Loss Challenge

By Joel Wright, President & CEO, MoboTrex A healthy workforce is one of the ingredients for a healthy business. Workplace wellness programs can include a variety of wellness strategies. Here at MoboTrex, we’ve embarked on a good-natured weight-loss challenge for employees who are willing to participate. And while good health can be its own reward, […]

MoboTrex: Sharing Expertise with Future Experts

At MoboTrex, we’re trusted to make sense out of complex situations. Becoming a trusted expert in the mobility and traffic control industry doesn’t happen overnight. It’s no secret that a large portion of expertise comes through experience. We’re looking for interns who are working toward an engineering degree in electrical, mechanical or manufacturing technology – […]

My Inaugural Mobotrex User Group

Having recently joined the MoboTrex Team, I was excited to attend the much anticipated annual Davenport Users’ Group Meeting for MoboTrex Midwest held December 13-14. MoboTrex provides several of these user groups throughout the year to represent each of our key geographical regions, The annual user group is an excellent opportunity for our customers and […]

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