Mobotrex Interns

Mobotrex offers Internship opportunities in multiple disciplines throughout the year.  Click here to see if we offer an internship role that fits your field of study

2017 Interns

Brian Burke
Engineering Intern
University: St. Cloud State
Expected Graduation: 2018

Bio: Brian Burke is a senior at St. Cloud State University working toward a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is a member of the St. Cloud Swim and Dive team and was recently awarded MVP honors. After graduating Brian intends to find an engineering position in Seattle WA.
My Internship Experience: One of the best things about my internship this summer was how helpful I found my coworkers. My personal interest in electronics also helped me during my time at MoboTrex, as I really enjoyed learning about electronic communication and interaction between components. This opportunity provided me with more hands-on experience than my last internship.
Favorite Part: I was able to experience the many different areas of engineering. I was able to design parts used in our traffic cabinets, construct wiring diagrams, test and configure electronic components and help streamline manufacturing processes.
How I will apply my experience: I have acquired the relevant design and manufacturing skills to help with my senior design project. I look forward to applying my recently acquired programming and electronics knowledge throughout the school year.
Recommendation: I would definitely recommend this internship to other students. This is a perfect internship to help a student determine the right engineering discipline.

Charles Anumnu
Engineering Intern
University: The University of Texas at Austin
Expected Graduation: December 2017

Bio: Charles is a Sr. at The University of Texas at Austin working toward a degree in Electrical Engineering. He is a member of the National Society for Black Engineers. Charles is an All American Sprinter and Captain of the U.T. Track and Field team. Upon Graduation, he will be only the 8th student athlete to graduate with a degree in engineering.
My Internship Experience: My internship experience helped me develop basic electrical engineering skills that aided my learning experience at UT and helped me gain other internships at Power/Electrical Engineering companies. It allowed me to get my feet wet with circuits and learn basics at my own pace.
Favorite Part: : I enjoyed the work environment the most. Everyone at the company was very welcoming and open to answer any questions I had. I felt the culture and environment were inclusive and cultivated committed and well rounded engineers. This was my first internship and provided my first exposure to industry engineering design.
How I will apply my experience: : It gave me exposure to how circuits are drawn and connected in the real world allowing me to better read, understand and develop circuits/schematic diagrams.
Recommendation: I would recommend a MoboTrex internship to other UT students. It would be most beneficial to Mechanical and Electrical Engineering majors who have a interest/focus on Power Electronics.