MoboTrex Interns

MoboTrex offers Internship opportunities in multiple disciplines throughout the year.  See if we offer an internship role that fits your field of study.

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2018 Interns

Davenport Interns: 

Anna Riesen

  • Iowa State University
  • Major: S. Mechanical Engineering            
  • Minor:  German
  • Expected Graduation – May 2019
  • From Mason City, IA

Anna Riesen is a third year Mechanical Engineering student at Iowa State University.  She is also working on a German minor; she’s very fond of the German language and culture.

Anna is also very involved in competitive ballroom dance. Anna is a part of the Cyclone Ballroom competition team and performance team. Naturally, she is a follower, but this last year she has been working on improving her leadership skills. Anna is also an avid seamstress and has been sewing from a very young age.  She has recently combined her love of ballroom dancing and sewing by sewing ballroom dance costumes. Anna comes from a very musically inclined family and enjoys playing the trombone in band along with singing.  Anna also enjoys drawing and recently picked up digital drawing. She is using a drawing tablet to explore this new interest but admits she is still learning to get the hang of it.

Anna enjoys the design side of engineering, especially CAD modeling.  Anna is currently undecided in which field of engineering she wants to pursue, but she is quite interested in the design of medical devices.  Her dad is a doctor so she has been around doctors, patients, and medical devices her entire life. Anna is very excited to be a part of the Mobotrex team.  She is a quick learner and very willing to help out wherever she is needed. 

Mitchell Waetke

  • University of Iowa
  • Major: Electrical Engineering                        
  • Minor:  Math
  • Expected Graduation – Dec. 2019
  • From Bettendorf, IA

Mitchell’s interests outside of work include spending time with family and friends, lifting weights and exercising, along with playing video games. In the spring time he enjoys fishing with his dad.

Mitchell’s professional interests and goals upon graduation are to work on projects involving communication systems and electrical circuits. Within five years, he would like to have gained enough experience and knowledge to become a team leader. In addition, he would like to obtain a Professional Engineering certificate. After ten years he would like to obtain a Masters in Electrical Engineering.

Brian Burke

  • Cloud State University – St. Cloud, MN
  • Major: Mechanical Engineering  
  • Minor: Nuclear Engineering
  • Expected Graduation December 201
  • From Bettendorf, IA

Brian worked with MoboTrex as an intern in Davenport last summer and is returning to work in Austin this year.

When asked, Brian will say that he has been lucky enough to have a variety of opportunities come his way. For starters, he just finished his career as captain with the Saint Cloud State Swim and Dive Team. Brian was also a two-time MVP, and multiple team record holder. Brian was also an intern for Mobotrex last summer, an experience he feels has vastly helped build his career and on-the-job engineering intuition. Upon graduation he plans to move to Seattle, WA and start a career as a professional engineer.

In his free time, Brian likes bouldering which is a niche of rock climbing that sports lower, more difficult climbs and no ropes. A huge perk of spending the summer in Austin is that it has the largest bouldering gym in North America!  Atleast least once a year he tries to go backpacking for about a week in the boundary waters. Brian and his friends try to catch fish for food while there, but Brian admits that most of the time that doesn’t go so well and they end up eating packed meals.

Mitchell Beasley

  • Iowa State University
  • Major: Material Science and Engineering
  • Expected Graduation December 2019
  • From LaGrange Highlands, IL

Mitchell’s biggest goal once he graduates is to decide where he wants to live and work. The career paths he is most interested in are casting design, welding design, and corrosion and failure analysis. Ideally it would be a part of, or in association with the automotive industry.

Mitchell’s hobbies outside of school include weightlifting, snowboarding, fixing most things that break, modifying things that aren’t broken (his car), and he has been to more music festivals than he can recall.

Previous Interns:

Charles Anumnu
Engineering Intern
University: The University of Texas at Austin
Expected Graduation: December 2017

Bio: Charles is a Sr. at The University of Texas at Austin working toward a degree in Electrical Engineering. He is a member of the National Society for Black Engineers. Charles is an All American Sprinter and Captain of the U.T. Track and Field team. Upon Graduation, he will be only the 8th student athlete to graduate with a degree in engineering.
My Internship Experience: My internship experience helped me develop basic electrical engineering skills that aided my learning experience at UT and helped me gain other internships at Power/Electrical Engineering companies. It allowed me to get my feet wet with circuits and learn basics at my own pace.
Favorite Part: : I enjoyed the work environment the most. Everyone at the company was very welcoming and open to answer any questions I had. I felt the culture and environment were inclusive and cultivated committed and well rounded engineers. This was my first internship and provided my first exposure to industry engineering design.
How I will apply my experience: : It gave me exposure to how circuits are drawn and connected in the real world allowing me to better read, understand and develop circuits/schematic diagrams.
Recommendation: I would recommend a MoboTrex internship to other UT students. It would be most beneficial to Mechanical and Electrical Engineering majors who have a interest/focus on Power Electronics.