MoboTrex ATC Cabinets

Our state-of-the-art traffic control cabinets combines the best of all worlds – functionality, efficiency, safety, and maintainability. The new design is the future of traffic control, bringing modern technology into the familiar NEMA style cabinet.

We have two versions of this cabinet – rack mount cabinets that we call the 350 and 352 and a NEMA style cabinet that we call the “Brilliant P” cabinet. With our custom, in-house cabinet design and manufacturing capabilities, we can build the ATC functionality into any cabinet size and style.

Both have:

  • Cutting-edge modern ATC technology
  • Designed to handle complex intersections up to 32 output channels
  • Advanced troubleshooting and diagnostic tools
  • Modular construction for simple expansion and modification
  • More open space than ever for additional equipment – BBS, Comm, CV/AV, and more
  • Available in single or double wide rack mount cabinet as well as traditional NEMA cabinet for maximum flexibility