Tuesday Traffic Talk – February 14, 2023

Pflugerville, TX Manufacturing Facility


One of the many highlights in 2022 for MoboTrex was moving the manufacturing facility from Austin, TX to nearby Pflugerville, TX.

The customized building reaffirms the company’s commitment to manufacturing in the United States.

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MoboTrex Blood Drive

Last month MoboTrex hosted a blood drive along with We Are Blood at the Pflugerville, TX location. A total of 23 employees were able to donate 19 whole blood donations.

Amazing work by our Pflugerville staff on potentially saving around 60 lives with their donations!

Traffic Calming 201: Maximizing Radar Speed Signs with Apps, Software & Connectivity


Radar speed signs are one of the most effective ways to reduce vehicle speeds and return safety to city streets. But there’s more to them than LEDs and “Slow Down” messages.

Please join Carmanah’s traffic calming experts for a webinar on February 17th at 12:00 PM CT to learn how to maximize the safety and effectiveness of your signs using apps, software, and more.

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