Behind the Scenes: Tuesday Traffic Talk

Are you getting our Tuesday Traffic Talk emails every other week? They are a staple of MoboTrex #TrafficExpert goal of getting information to our customer and vendor base.

Each Traffic Talk has a variety informative sections:

  • How-to
  • What is it?
  • Traffic Lites (believe it or not, the traffic industry has a lot of humor!)
  • Traffic Trivia
  • Upcoming Conferences
  • Upcoming Training Events – including continuing education opportunities like our User Groups. You can read more about a User Group experience here.

how did it get started?

In the spring of 2010, it was decided we would venture into eMarketing. We worked with a local company who had success with sending out weekly emails to their customers – they taught us the basics to get us started. So after a few tests with names, we decided on Tuesday Traffic Tips.

A few years later, we changed the name to Tuesday Traffic Talk (we want you to be a part of the conversation!), but our goal has been the same, to inform our customers and provide expert, industry-relevant entertainment.

As of October of 2018 we have sent out almost 200 Tuesday Traffic Talk newsletters.

We started with 350 contacts receiving the first email, and have built our mailing list to over 1,700. As of October of 2018, we have sent out almost 200 Tuesday Traffic Talk newsletters.

Who is the person behind the Tuesday Traffic Talk?

Joan Kasten, our Sales & Marketing Coordinator at MoboTrex, has been involved with the concept from the beginning and enjoys coming up with the content each time. “It is fun to interact with the customers that answer the trivia questions and I also have people submit funny pictures for our “Traffic Lites” section. I learn more about our products and industry each time I put one together.”


How can you sign up for the Tuesday Traffic Talk if you aren’t receiving them?

Go to this link and sign up today.

What other emails will you receive?

Along with the Tuesday Traffic Talk, we use this as a way to invite you to Regional Training on a variety of topics and our Annual User Groups throughout the Midwest.

What if I missed one or want to look at an older one?

Links to Tuesday Traffic Talk from the 2016 to the present are located on our calendar on every other Tuesday. Prior emails are located in our Archive section.

Where else can I follow MoboTrex?

We have pages on each of the following social media websites.


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