Physically securing your Agency’s network requires more than just a lock

We live in a connected world. The addition of communication devices to connect our traffic cabinets have opened up a world of possibilities. These devices enable the smart city capabilities of improving travel times, accelerating incident response times, viewing real-time video of an intersection, and many more improvements.

While these functions certainly provide many benefits, many cities excited to embrace this technology fail to understand that the addition of an Ethernet switch inside a traffic cabinet also introduces a potentially serious cyber-security risk.

In many cases, the only thing standing between a hacker and a physical port directly into an agency’s network is a standard #2 lock.

The key for that lock? Pretty cheap and not so hard to find with a simple eBay search.

To help our valued customers mitigate this risk while enjoying the benefits of a connected infrastructure, MoboTrex has created the NG-2014 electronic cabinet lock.

NG-2014 electronic cabinet lock by MoboTrex

The NG-2014 is a secured, electronic locking system that prevents access to unauthorized personnel. While still utilizing a standard #2 key, a secondary layer of security has been added with a solenoid inserted into the lock to prevent the key from turning unless an approved code or key card is presented.

The NG-2014 has two versions.

  1. One version provides a keypad and a proximity card reader;
  2. the second version provides a proximity card reader only.

Existing cabinets can be easily retrofitted with a controller panel, the keypad or card reader, and the solenoid #2 lock. When either an authorized access code or proximity card is presented to the keypad/reader, the solenoid drops out and the key can be turned to open the door. The lock controller can be accessed via a web browser that allows the user to view events, add and subtract users, and change the controller settings.

This tool allows a central, authorized user to view cabinet activity including who was in the cabinet and when they opened the door. The ability to add users with an expiring, secure code means a user can be granted temporary access if preferred. Additionally, with the secure browser tool, the doors can be manually unlocked directly from the web browser to allow access. This powerful capability eliminates the practice of driving out to the cabinet, adding a manual padlock, getting the key to the contractor, and then reversing the process once the contractor’s maintenance is complete.

The Wyoming DOT (WYDOT) has a wide area network to communicate with over 300 traffic cabinets that they maintain throughout the state. The WYDOT IT department was worried that their network was vulnerable. They turned to Gades Sales, the authorized dealer for MoboTrex products in Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico [follow Gades on Facebook]. Gades offered the NG-2014 as a secure solution to address the vulnerability, and WYDOT was interested. MoboTrex and Gades worked together with WYDOT to develop a design that would solve their access issues and eliminate the physical access point vulnerability.

In August, I went with Gades to install an NG-2014 on an existing 336 cabinet in Laramie, WY. This cabinet used a proximity card reader version, and was installed in the most crowded cabinet in the entire state. During the installation, I was able to program the WYDOT team’s existing building access cards to enable access to the cabinet. This eliminated the need for the team to carry multiple cards. WYDOT was extremely pleased with the ease of installation and the functionality of the NG-2014. They were even able to connect it back to their network so they could access the configuration tool remotely.

Is your agency worried about the security of your cabinet and the network devices inside? Are you tired of the hassle of using common padlocks to allow temporary access to contractors? Are you looking for an affordable and secure solution that can be installed in a new cabinet or retrofitted to an existing cabinet? The NG-2014 is the solution you need.



Please contact MoboTrex, your local authorized MoboTrex dealer for more information, or feel free to reach out to me:

Brent Katauskas, P.E., Dealer Development Manager

(512) 521-3081

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