Back Panel Access Gives Flashing Yellow Arrow Customers Greater Flexibility

We really like making a good thing even better.

So we were intrigued when MoboTrex Distributor Temple, Inc. of Decatur, Ala., recently asked us to give customers the ability to program the loadbay from the front side of a 16-phase signal cabinet.

“Although flashing yellow arrows have been in use for many
years, some of Temple’s customers began requesting the ability
to flash all signals on an approach simultaneously rather than the wig-wag method,” said Forrest Temple, president of Temple, Inc. “Wig-wag is sometimes used due to the limitations of the front
panel programming.”

A change was in order to keep the flash-all-signals programming consistent with other similar flash functionality programming. However, accessing the loadbay on the back side of the cabinet
to make the programming changes would require shuffling equipment inside.

Temple turned to MoboTrex Engineer Brent Katauskas, who manages dealer development at the Austin, Texas, based signal and cabinet manufacturing plant. Within a few weeks they arrived at a solution, which gives customers greater programming flexibility when employing Flashing Yellow Arrows.

The Temple, Inc., team found a more flexible flash programming solution for the Flashing Yellow Arrow signal. Temple is celebrating more than 61 years in business, as its family’s fourth generation provides transportation systems solutions to municipalities.

The solution was achieved by modifying the flasher power connections on all Flash Transfer Relay sockets on the back of the loadbay and ensuring that there are two terminals with Flasher Channel A and Flasher Channel B on each PB terminal block on the front of the loadbay.  This allows the technician to alter the flash functionality programming for various intersections by simply moving a wire on the front on the loadbay.

Temple then worked with their customers to approve the modification, and then sought DOT approvals at the various state agencies. Temple also worked with customers to make cabinet modifications to existing intersections.

“Moving forward, we had Mobotrex retrofit all of our unsold stock. We also specified this for any new stock ordered,” said Temple. The dealer sells signal cabinets to customers in eight Southeastern states. Arkansas was one of the first states in their territory to approve the use of front-access loadbay design.

“The Flashing Yellow Arrow signals did away with the solid yellow. Some of our customers felt it was important that all signals flash when viewed from one direction. They felt the change makes it more clear to all drivers what was happening than the traditional wig-wag flash sequence,” said Temple. It’s an innovative new standard that his customers are happy to have, he said.

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Brent KatauskasBrent Katauskas, P.E.

Dealer Development Manager